New & Forthcoming Releases – David Brookes

As you may have read in my last post, I’ve been keeping pretty busy the last few months with my editing and ghostwriting business, ‘The St. Paul’s Literary Service’.  It’s amazing how quickly things have taken off, and I’ve gotten some rave reviews from clients, especially about my ghostwriting via or direct by e-mail.

The ghostwriting continues to be fun.  I’ve been asked to write in a whole bunch of genres, including science fiction, horror, murder mystery and erotica.  I can’t tell you which, but most of these are already online to download as ebooks and it’s great to see them in the Kindle store.

Quite rightly, I was asked why I bother writing for other people in exchange for a flat fee, when I could put my talents to use by publishing these stories myself.  Considering the rates that I’ve seen on offer, it must be a lucrative (if uncertain) business.  After thinking about it for a while, I’ve decided to experiment with a few short story series that I was saving for a collection.

Starting from yesterday, the first in my “Professor Arnustace” short story series is available to download!  It’s available on the Amazon store here if you own a Kindle device, or via Smashwords here if you own any other ebook reader.  Even better, for this weekend only, it’s FREE!  Howsabout that?

 An Account of a Curious Encounter - Cover“England, the Year of our Lord 1916 … When a pod of killer whales washes up dead off the shore of Whitby, what else can the local constabulary do but call on the services of the eccentric Professor Arnustace, owner of 5 degrees and a mechanically-augmented talking cat?

Join the Professor in his most curious adventure since his last term in the local asylum, featuring: a novel method of feline communication; a diving suit with a slight problem; and a colossal presence beneath the surface of the North Sea.”


I encourage each and every one of you to give my little story a shot and perform what I like to call The Three Rs…

Read, Review, Recommend!

It’s incredibly satisfying to see that there have already been dozens of downloads  (even more surprising, considering how many times I’ve had to remove the thing to reformat it, which is a new kind of Hell reserved just for ebook publishers…).  I’ll be publishing three different series simultaneously, with a new story every week, each series comprising of 3 or 4 stories.  If the experiment is a success then I’ve no doubt I’ll be writing more about the likes of Professor Arnustace (even if he is a bit peculiar).

To go with my new project, I also now have a fancy Amazon Author Central page, where you can go to see my publications as they’re released.  Be warned, though – it will soon have a photo of me on it.

Write to me here if you would like to subscribe to my news feed: hear about new releases, as well as exclusive previews and offers.  Otherwise, join me back here for the next post where I’ll tell you more about my dastardly publishing plans for the coming months.


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