New Releases: the Gas Giant Sequence

As part of my current Kindle Store experiment, I’m happy to announce the start of a new fiction series beginning on Amazon and Smashwords today.

I wrote the “Gas Giant Sequence” a few years ago and have been coming back to it frequently.  I always imagined releasing this completed series of four short stories as a paperback collection at some point.  The last year I’ve been concentrating on literary fiction, but I’m really excited to release these four science fiction stories as ebooks.

The first two stories are available to download now:

Krill Split Omnibus coverOMNIBUS EDITION: TWO FOR ONE
Parts 1 & 2 of the Gas Giant Sequence
Leuk “Krill” Nayokpuk, descendant of the Inuit, is used to cold climates. But this is not the wasteland of the Arctic, but the deadly frozen surface of Europa, Jupiter’s icy moon.

As part of the long-term expedition sent to Europa to search for signs of life, Leuk is the “little man” amongst his larger-than-life team-mates: a genetically altered scientist; the world’s brightest mind in astrophysics; a resourceful engineer with mechanical arms; and the cloned entrepreneur with a huge ego who is funding the whole endeavor.

Together they should be able to handle any situation on the quiet, desolate moon. But there are colossal mysteries within the prehistoric ice, and Jupiter’s eye is ever watching...

One of Jupiter’s moons is dead, fragmented into a ring of debris around the enormous gas giant. Aboard a space station within Jupiter’s first ring, it is the job of Ashley and Sinda to observe and investigate the mystery. But their personal lives are distracting them from the apocalyptic problem of the moon’s destruction.

What is hiding within the eternal winds of Jupiter? And can the body survive where the heart cannot? Jupiter’s eye is ever watching…

The two-story omnibus ebook edition is available to read for Kindle via Amazon here, and via Smashwords here.  Lucky Smashwords users can download the second story, SPLIT, for FREE, right here!  Now if only Amazon would allow ebooks to be released for free, then Kindle users could have the same offer…

There are two more installments to the Gas Giant sequence including the big finale, and they’ll be arriving in online stores within the coming months.  If you’re lucky, there may even be that collection I mentioned, with some extras thrown in…

I encourage each and every one of you to give my little stories a shot and perform what I like to call The Three Rs…

Read, Review, Recommend!

My eternal thanks to the hundreds of people who downloaded the first Professor Arnustace story (see my last blog post for details) – please don’t forget to review, so that everyone else can share your joy!

Write to me here if you would like to subscribe to my news feed: hear about new releases, as well as exclusive previews and offers.  Otherwise, join me back here for the next post where I’ll fill you in on even more news and one or two big surprises…!



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