Cat-sitting and Crimebusting: The “Pattie Lansbury” Cozy Mystery stories

One of the joys of working the writing and ghostwriting industry is that I get to meet a lot of great writers I might never have heard of otherwise.

I recently came across a series of short stories in the “cozy mystery” genre, which are relatively gentle murder mystery tales in the vein of “Murder She Wrote” and “Midsomer Murders”.

“The Pattie Lansbury Mysteries” from Nancy C. Davis are a cute little collection of stories in which the titular main character, an amateur sleuth, solves crimes with the help of her cats.  When she’s not tracking down serial killers or chasing talented thieves, she runs the “Pat’s Whiskers Feline Retirement Home”.  Most of the stories have a catty theme so if you’re interested in either of these things, this series is worth checking out.

The series of 6 stories have been released in 4 books, and an omnibus collection has just been released, so now’s your chance to bag the lot!

Pattie cover 2

Cat Sleuth:
There’s been a murder in the quiet village of Little Hamilton.
Patricia Lansbury runs her “Feline Retirement Home”
there for abandoned cats, where she expected to have
a quiet retirement. Unfortunately for Pattie, events
have drawn her into the police investigation, and find herself
entangled in the biggest mystery Little Hamilton has ever seen.

With the unexpected help of her cats, Pattie must work
with the police to uncover the truth about the murder.
But when all she wants is a quiet cup of tea, how can
Pattie unravel the mystery when the truth seems so elusive…?

Murder and a Song:
The peace and quiet of Little Hamilton is about to be shattered.
June is the month of the enormous YorkFest music festival,
an annual excuse for camping, partying, merriment … and even murder.

When a man is murdered in his tent, all evidence points
towards his girlfriend as the culprit. She pleads innocence,
and calls on Patricia Lansbury, the village’s resident sleuth,
to find the real murderer. But as the mystery unfolds, Pattie
is met with more questions than she is answers. For example,
how is a drunken farmer involved? Could there be one – or more –
murderers in the heaving festival campsite? And why does
Pattie’sgut tell her that the farmer’s cat is the key
to solving the whole mystery?

OMNIBUS, including: The Escapee
Patricia Lansbury, consulting detective, has solved plenty of
crimes in the Yorkshire village of Little Hamilton. So has
her estranged son, Detective Constable Andrew Lansbury,
who was forced to leave the village in disgrace following a
scandal. Now the past has come back to haunt Pattie. An
escaped prisoner that her son once put away is out for
violent justice, and now Pattie has to solve her most personal
crime yet.

But how are a suspicious homeless person, a
multi-millionaire entrepreneur, and a houseful of cats connected
to the mystery? And can Pattie resolve the matter before the
sins of the son catch up with the mother

…and The Case of the Cat-Napper (OMNIBUS)
Pattie Lansbury, amateur sleuth owner of Yorkshire’s only
Feline Retirement Home, has now established a much-needed
veterinary practice in her sleepy village of Little Hamilton. Others
might be suspicious of her secret investor, but Pattie is more
concerned about the rumours of stolen cats spreading across
the English countryside.

As the cat-nappers take things to the next level, Pattie
is drawn into a mystery far more personal than
she would ever have imagined. Who is stealing Little Hamilton’s
furry residents, and why? And how is it connected to the
secret investor and some of Pattie’s shiftiest customers?
It will take one determined consulting detective to find out,
along with some kitties with very special skills!

Murder Most Familiar
All seems quiet in Little Hamilton. Pattie is making a
success of her Feline Retirement Home, as well as
her new Veterinary practice. Thankfully there’s not a
crime in sight for the consulting detective to solve.

That is, until Matthew Conrad, the village’s local
entrepreneur and global media mogul, receives death
threats just days before the launch of his new TV series.
Worse, the letters seem to come from somebody
in Little Hamilton. In a very small community, the chance
that Pattie knows the suspect is high, putting her
at greater risk than ever

But what ancient secrets is
Conrad’s countryside cottage hiding? What is the
curse of the golden lion? And at what point should
Pattie stop getting involved in the complex, mysterious
affairs of others and concentrate on her own desires…?

Murder on the Moor
As Pattie says goodbye to one part of her life,
another part opens up: for years she has been
comforted by a close friendship with Elliott Knight,
the local doctor in the village of Little Hamilton, but
she has grieved over the absence of her son, who was
driven out of the village due to a scandal years ago.

Little does Pattie realise that both important aspects
of her life will come together after a body is found on
the nearby moorland, apparently slain by a giant
wild cat on the loose in the valley …
But as Pattie works with the police to separate myth
from reality, darker motives are afoot and a threat
from the past gets ever closer, with tragic consequences…

In the final story of the Pattie Lansbury cozy murder
mystery series, everything will be revealed!

Pattie compilation cover


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