New Release: Next story in the “Professor Arnustace” series

Hello everybody!

I’m most spiffed to announce that I have finally completed the second in the “Professor Arnustace” series of short stories.  “Iced Tea for Professor Arnustace“, is available on the Amazon store here if you own a Kindle device, or via Smashwords here if you own any other ebook reader.

The “Professor Arnustace” stories are steampunk mystery tales, featuring the eponymous brainbox solving some most perplexing enigmas.  Along for the ride are his intellectual peer, Doctor Annabeth Ross, and his talking cat, Verne (read about the first story here and buy it here).

In this second story, which is best read after the first (Secret: you can get the first story for FREE on Smashwords, here), the Professor has his first encounter with Sir Chatterjee, the “sky captain” of a floating island.  Fun, quaintness and weirdness ensue.

Reviewers of my limited-release first story called it a page-turner with “intensifying mysteries and funny characters”, as part of “a very well thought-out universe”.

Professor ArnustaceEngland, the Year of our Lord 1917…

 After a strange new species is discovered on the English coast,
the eccentric Professor Arnustace and indefatigable
Doctor Annabeth Ross are stumped before the mystery even begins.
But when a dinner invitation arrives via a miniature airship
with a mongoose captain, little do they know the surprises in store
for them on Ipsun Isle, the nation in the sky.

Creatures of the deep, sky captains and a talking cat await readers
in this extended second tale in the Professor Arnustace
series of steampunk mysteries!

This story is substantially longer than the first, at a very satisfying 22,000 words. I encourage each and every one of you to give my little story a shot and perform what I like to call The Three Rs…

Read, Review, Recommend!

Happy reading, and thanks again!



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