New Release: “Tranquil Sea”

I’m very pleased to announce the e-book publication of “Tranquil Sea”, the third in the “Gas Giant Sequence” of short stories (read about the first two here). Tranquil Sea is available on the Amazon store here if you own a Kindle device, or via Smashwords here if you own any other ebook reader.

Reviewers of the first two stories called them full of “evocative human experiences in alien environments”, saying “I was drawn in with the characters to the beauty and hallucinatory otherworldliness”.

Tranquil Sea David Brookes

Siblings Maria and James have been tasked with setting up
a nanomachine-based parabolic antenna dish on the dark farside
of the moon. With them is their philosophical Uncommon Materials
Science Officer, Theo, suffering from a personal tragedy, and
Michael Hudd-Karlson, their corporate sponsor with cloned
brain tissue and too many agendas to count.

When a mysterious vapour cloud appears over the lunar Daedalus
crater, the team is faced with only the first of countless impossible
scenarios. What is attracting the nebula to the new parabolic dish?
What is causing the moon’s chalky surface to change?
And what are the strange shadows lurking in the corners of their vision?

As the situation becomes more desperate and increasingly impossible,
the team must face the shared trauma of their past to overcome the
dangers of the present. But there are greater forces at work here,
and Jupiter’s eye is ever watching…

I encourage each and every one of you to give my little stories a shot and perform what I like to call The Three Rs…

Read, Review, Recommend!

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