New Release: “Tulpa”

The Gas Giant Sequence is complete!

I’m very pleased to announce the e-book publication of “Tulpa”, the fourth and final part of the “Gas Giant Sequence” of short stories. Tulpa is available on the Amazon store here if you own a Kindle device, or via Smashwords here if you own any other ebook reader.

Reviewers of the earlier stories called them full of “evocative human experiences in alien environments”, saying “I was drawn in with the characters to the beauty and hallucinatory otherworldliness”.

Tulpa David BrookesA shattered moon. Minds unfurled.
Mysterious thoughtforms brought to life.

The impossible truths of Jupiter have finally been revealed.
Now it’s up to a haggard survivor, with nothing more than
cloned brain tissue and the fragmented resources of an
usurped conglomerate, to stymie the awaking entity
that threatens to bring pandemonium to Earth.

In this final part of the Gas Giant Sequence,
all hell will break loose, and Jupiter’s eye is ever watching…

I encourage each and every one of you to give my little stories a shot and perform what I like to call The Three Rs…

Read, Review, Recommend!

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