New Release: “Tranquil Sea”

I’m very pleased to announce the e-book publication of “Tranquil Sea”, the third in the “Gas Giant Sequence” of short stories (read about the first two here). Tranquil Sea is available on the Amazon store here if you own a Kindle device, or via Smashwords here if you own any other ebook reader.

Reviewers of the first two stories called them full of “evocative human experiences in alien environments”, saying “I was drawn in with the characters to the beauty and hallucinatory otherworldliness”.

Tranquil Sea David Brookes

Siblings Maria and James have been tasked with setting up
a nanomachine-based parabolic antenna dish on the dark farside
of the moon. With them is their philosophical Uncommon Materials
Science Officer, Theo, suffering from a personal tragedy, and
Michael Hudd-Karlson, their corporate sponsor with cloned
brain tissue and too many agendas to count.

When a mysterious vapour cloud appears over the lunar Daedalus
crater, the team is faced with only the first of countless impossible
scenarios. What is attracting the nebula to the new parabolic dish?
What is causing the moon’s chalky surface to change?
And what are the strange shadows lurking in the corners of their vision?

As the situation becomes more desperate and increasingly impossible,
the team must face the shared trauma of their past to overcome the
dangers of the present. But there are greater forces at work here,
and Jupiter’s eye is ever watching…

I encourage each and every one of you to give my little stories a shot and perform what I like to call The Three Rs…

Read, Review, Recommend!

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New Release: Next story in the “Professor Arnustace” series

Hello everybody!

I’m most spiffed to announce that I have finally completed the second in the “Professor Arnustace” series of short stories.  “Iced Tea for Professor Arnustace“, is available on the Amazon store here if you own a Kindle device, or via Smashwords here if you own any other ebook reader.

The “Professor Arnustace” stories are steampunk mystery tales, featuring the eponymous brainbox solving some most perplexing enigmas.  Along for the ride are his intellectual peer, Doctor Annabeth Ross, and his talking cat, Verne (read about the first story here and buy it here).

In this second story, which is best read after the first (Secret: you can get the first story for FREE on Smashwords, here), the Professor has his first encounter with Sir Chatterjee, the “sky captain” of a floating island.  Fun, quaintness and weirdness ensue.

Reviewers of my limited-release first story called it a page-turner with “intensifying mysteries and funny characters”, as part of “a very well thought-out universe”.

Professor ArnustaceEngland, the Year of our Lord 1917…

 After a strange new species is discovered on the English coast,
the eccentric Professor Arnustace and indefatigable
Doctor Annabeth Ross are stumped before the mystery even begins.
But when a dinner invitation arrives via a miniature airship
with a mongoose captain, little do they know the surprises in store
for them on Ipsun Isle, the nation in the sky.

Creatures of the deep, sky captains and a talking cat await readers
in this extended second tale in the Professor Arnustace
series of steampunk mysteries!

This story is substantially longer than the first, at a very satisfying 22,000 words. I encourage each and every one of you to give my little story a shot and perform what I like to call The Three Rs…

Read, Review, Recommend!

Happy reading, and thanks again!


New Release: “The Gun of Our Maker”

I’m very pleased to announce that my first full length e-book is now available to buy from online retailers.

“The Gun of Our Maker” is a classic tale of vengeance set in the Old West. You can purchase it from Amazon (here) or Smashwords (here).

The Gun of Our Maker - David BrookesMinnesota, 1859: a man is executed for skimming
from a silver mine to provide for his family.

Arizona, 1877: the sins of the father catch up with the son

Six weeks later: a man on horseback scales
the forests of the Mogollon Rim. He is
searching for Bill Hawken, a renowned gunsmith.

Vivian Culhane is far from a typical hero. Crippled by a
childhood illness, he is weak, blind – yet unstoppable.

Together they will build an instrument of vengeance
that will be known across Arizona, New Mexico and
Texas – a revolver that produces red smoke,
with a limited supply bullets and a thirst for justice.

The Gun of Our Maker is a full-length Western at around 63,000 words, and is available at the bargain price of only 99p!  If you like your West old and your vengeance bloody, pick up a copy, leave a review, and meet me back here for news of more upcoming releases!

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.




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All Things New: 2015

Fireworks over the Thames in London, New Year's Eve 2015

Fireworks over the Thames, London – New Year’s Eve 2015

Happy New Year for 2015!

A lot of people are asking what I’ve been up to since my brief misadventure in China a few months ago.

It’s been a tough few years, between an awful corporate job in 2012, to landing back in the real world after six months traveling India and Asia, and my TEFL training and subsequent awryness (I’m MAKING it a real word) last year.  I flew to China; I came back.  I had the option of beginning the cycle again by getting another crummy job in another  office, neither employing my qualifications or creativity for a basic minimum wage in an environment I couldn’t stand.  I chose not to take that option.

For the last year or so I’ve been taking the occasional bit of work editing.  A lot of this business came via word of mouth and my clients were mostly foreign students who had essays and dissertations to hand in and wanted a bit of help with their written English.  Sheffield is blessedly cosmopolitan and its two universities has students from all over the world.

Since I got back to the UK I decided to begin freelancing full-time, and have since had a lot of success.  Editing and proofreading has been a handy constant, from education, academia and journals, to resumes and even fiction, poetry and love letters.  I’ve also developed a reputation for ghostwriting fiction and articles, and have taken commissions in various genres with plenty of repeat business.  Lastly, I’ve managed to flog a few of my own humble fiction and screenplays.  I’m surprised by how quickly it’s all taken off.

It’s strange that after years of hard work and mixed success, I’m suddenly able to legitimately call myself a writer.  It’s a very strange feeling to have pretty much realised my oldest dream.

I’ve also had a fascinating education these last two months.  Either from editing various papers or by researching for my own writing/ghostwriting, I’ve made plenty of deposits into my Bank of Useless Information.  I’ve had The Bank for years, much to the bemusement of my friends and family.  Recently I’ve developed my knowledge of:

  •  Ophthalmology (that’s eyeballs to you and me)
  •  South African culture
  •  Pheonicia
  •  Middle-Eastern mysticism
  •  Current trends in erotica
  •  The Armenian art scene
  •  Scientific psychological experiments involving monkeys
  •  Species of cats
  •  The state of the Chinese housing market
  •  South American folklore
  •  Jewish holocaust poetry

… And they’re just the ones that I can tell you about without betraying confidentiality (which I take seriously).  It’s been a wild ride, accentuated by the occasional bouts of panic that are probably common amongst the self-employed.  The good news is that I’ve had some incredibly flattering feedback from all my clients so far.  Hopefully I can continue that trend into 2015, whilst TEFL and salaries take a back seat.

It seems a little redundant to have a blog about my exploits ‘abroad’ now that I’m more-or-less permanently based in the UK for the forseeable future, but I think I’ll keep the title.  Consider me ‘abroad’ on the ocean of discovery as I see where my new life takes me!

All the best for the New Year, and much love,

David Brookes
Freelance Writer & Editor